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Weight: 14.77 lbs

Load Capacity:

- top shelf: 44 lbs
- bottom shelf: 88 lbs


- handle height: 40.5"
- wheel width: 21.5"
- wheel length: 28"
- upper shelf
- lower shelf
- 21.5"d*15"w"5.5"t
- folded: 7*tall
28" long
21.5" wide

Crate{included w/ cart}

- open: 21"x15"11"
- folded: 2.75"tall
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The innovative clax folding car simplifies transportation in the private as well as in the industrial sector. Just by pushing one button it will fold up in seconds. Folded up it is easily stored or stowed away in the car. Solid construction made of aluminum and high quality synthetic materials plus a highly engineered and developed technique allow for safe and stable mobility and durability.

The folding Clax Cart easily and quickly collapses for storage in your vehicle while taking up minimal space.
The Clax cart's ease of use and lightweight design make it perfect for a wide range of applications. Eliminate the need for multiple trips to/from your car and no longer worry about having to carry heavy equipment!

Outfit your workforce with a folding cart to assist their transportation of medical equipment, beverage equipment, restaruant & foodservice equipment, computers and IT department equipment. Help sales managers deliver their equipment for an on-site demonstration or a service representative mobilize their equipment and tools for a call.
Use the Clax as an office folding cart for easy transport of files, supplies, and mail.
The Clax functions as a handtruk or delivery cart for bulk and tall products with its foldaway top shelf.
The Clax is very popular as a folding grocery or shopping cart. Perfect for those living in apartment buildings and condos.
A folding service cart so the Clax can be out of the way when not in use.
Great for the hospitality industry! The Clax can be used as a delivery cart for florists, a folding restaraunt catering & delivery cart, cakes and baked goods delivery cart for your bakery, or even sporting goods.